Before having my first experience on a Bikmo courtesy Brompton last week I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after unfolding and zipping around Chester, including over cobbles, it was clear that I want more of this. My only problems now… which Brompton spec is best for me and what can I do to make it my own. This was going to take a while.

When researching which Brompton to go for, I stumbled upon loads of Brompton modifications and upgrades.

Hover over the Brompton below to see what parts of a Brompton are commonly customised or upgraded, and scroll down to see which caught my eye – from the quirky, to more practical.


This Brompton specific seat post replacement includes embedded LEDs so you won’t have to worry about misplacing your clip-on light again. You also don’t have to worry about opportunist hands whilst on the move. The lights are powered from 2x AA batteries and last for 50-100 hours depending on the setting.

LightSKIN for Brompton

LED seatpost
From £49 from LightSKIN

If you don’t fancy changing your seat post (fair enough!), we’re a big fan of the See.Sense Icon (and even brighter Icon+ for an extra tenner) which reacts to the environment around making you more visible at riskier moments. The Icon also connects to your phone to help you improve the roads you ride. Bikmo-Brompton policy holders can try one out with our courtesy Brompton when making a claim.

See.Sense Icon rear light

See.Sense Icon rear light
£64.99 from See.Sense


If you’re a wine drinker, or wood lover, you’ll enjoy these corky grips. Not only will they look great on your bike, but they are very eco-friendly and cork is a great material for reducing vibration.

Cork Grips for Brompton

Cork grips
£22 from Cork Cycles

Carry handle

The average Brompton weighs in at 9-12½kg, which is pretty light but you can start to feel the burn when tackling stairs or long station walks. ODIN have our backs with their very nice leather Brompton carry handle designs. Being available in three different colours, you should find one to match your bike.

ODIN leather carry handle Brompton

Leather carry handle
£71 from ODIN

Hinge clamp

Yes, you can even customise your hinge clamp – from obscure designs like a ship’s wheel to those aiming to improve usability such as a ‘self-centering’ clamp for a more speedy fold or unfold. It is meant to line up the clamp first time. I think this encompasses how far you can go with a Brompton to make it your own.

Brompton ship wheel clamp

Titanium ship wheel hinge clamp
£99.99 from London Craftwork

Brompton self centering clamp

Self centering hinge clamp
£53 from Brompfication

Paint job

Brompton offer a variety of colours and paint options including some awesome new ones like ‘flame lacquer’ announced recently so if you’re buying a new bike you’re spoilt for choice.

If you want to go 100% custom with your own design, you could get to a specialist paint shop or if you’re brave and at least moderately skilled, you could try out Spray.Bike. With their huge range of colours and finishes, you’ll have the opportunity to create whatever you like.

I’ve not seen Spray.Bike used effectively on a Brompton but here’s a couple of fine examples of what can be achieved with some creativity (and some skill). Cans cost from £4.99.


If you’re like me and you love riding in the rain but hate getting dirty, you’ll appreciate the big wide mudflaps on the Brompton. If yours have worn or you’re after some extra individuality, once again, ODIN have a nice solution with their leather number.

Not only do they look very fetching, but they are designed to flex and be durable out on the road.

ODIN leather mud flaps

Leather mudflaps
£27 from ODIN


Loading up your backpack can be a pain but the Brompton luggage bracket system can take that weight off your shoulders, and there are some lovely bags available to drop on. Check out the Barbour x Brompton collection, such as this 10-litre capacity Tarras bag. Use either the frame attachment or the adjustable shoulder strap to keep your bag beside you on your travels, the strap will also make it much easier to carry your belongings and your bike, simples.

Brompton Barbour Tarras Bag

Barbour x Brompton Tarras Bag
£155 from Brompton – In selected stores only


Cycling on roads with small wheels can be bumpy, but with Brooks you can always be confident that you’re going to have a smooth ride. With their C19 saddle, you can also add more style to your Brompton as they have a selection of three colours which will make you stand out from the crowd. These saddles don’t only boast comfort and looks, you need to add durability to the list as well, their all-day weather protection means you won’t have to worry when you’re out and about.

Brooks Cambium C19 Saddle

Cambium C19 Saddle
£120 from Brooks

Roller Wheels

Dragging your Brompton around with the pre-attached roller wheels is great if you need to go some distance and can’t ride. It can be smoother and easier with these larger Eazy Wheels.

Brompton Eazy Wheel

Brompton Eazy Wheels
£10.25 from Condor

Insurance for your mods + upgrades

Bikmo covers your bike and kit, including your customisations, upgraded components and accessories as standard. We are passionate about keeping people on their bikes, which is why we offer a courtesy Brompton whilst you await your claim to be settled.

Click here to find out more about Brompton insurance by Bikmo, and save 25% as a Brompton owner. You can also claim 14 days free insurance with your new Brompton bike.

Bikmo is the official insurance provider for Brompton.

(feature image courtesy of DinoKiddo – a lightweight custom component specialist for Brompton bikes)


Get free insurance for your brand new Brompton

Purchase your new Brompton bike online before 29th February 2020 and unlock your 12-months free insurance! Find out exactly how it works and what’s included in the cover here.

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