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Bikmo is the official insurance provider for Brompton.

Available Cover Benefits

Accidental damage

Accidents happen. Luckily, with Brompton cover we’ve got your back in case you damage your bike accidentally.


Argh, did your Brompton get stolen? It happens and that’s why we’re here, just make sure you comply with our locking requirements.

£2m Public liability

If things go wrong on your Brompton and you’re at fault, you’re covered to the value of £2 million. We still recommend staying upright.

Courtesy Brompton

If you’re Brompton-less whilst we sort out your claim, we’ll ship you one of our Courtesy Bikes right away.. a nice 3SL with luggage bracket.

Returning home cover

Call the broom wagon! If you’re out riding and can’t make it home as a result of an issue with your bike, we’ll cover the cost of your transport up to £150.

Clothing + Headgear

We know you can wear the same value as your bike cost, so we cover clothing and headgear, as standard. You just need to sort out the road rash…

Mega insurer

We only work with the best. Which is why we chose the superb Hiscox to underwrite your policy.

£20k Personal accident

Even the best and most careful Brompton riders can crash. Our personal accident cover will pay out £20k for life changing injuries, and up to £5k for less serious injuries sustained whilst riding your bike.

365 Worldwide

Planning to take your Brompton, or your other insured bikes on a trip to the Alps? Good luck. We’ll cover your bike & kit anywhere in the world whether you’re on holiday or racing.

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Independent rating based on 178 reviews

Friendly, accurate and professional service!

5 out of 5 stars

Alan Patton / 1 week ago

I made contact with you over the phone in order to get insurance coverage. I was treated to friendly and professional advice. Each of my queries were answered frankly and accurately. So impress, I bought insurance from you. Many thanks.

Great insurance company

4 out of 5 stars

Philip Frost / 2 weeks ago

Great insurance at reasonable prices. Easy to update details too.

5 out of 5 stars

Gareth Smith / 2 weeks ago

I haven't made any claims yet, but on paper their policies much more bang for their buck than competitors. Policy stipulations are laid out much more clearly than competitors as well. It's also great that all staff are bike riders themselves!

5 out of 5 stars

Bikmo Customer / 2 weeks ago

Easy to take out a policy. Good service

Great just 1 thought

4 out of 5 stars

Bikmo Customer / 4 weeks ago

The service is great it is easy and affordable however my one criticism is I have trouble add my bike information , make / model or even serial number which I think would be a great way to prove bike ownership for heavens forbid an accident arises to speed up and validate claims also to upload pictures of the bike so the condition of the bike is on record with a holding time frame which requires updating after a period of time to show current state of bike

How it works

Get a quote

If you’ve had 14 days free, just follow the email instructions. If not, get your discounted quote through this site to insure you, your Brompton and your kit.

Cover it all

If you’re like us, you’ll have more bikes in your garage. Make sure you add these to your quote to get maximum savings. We offer a multi-bike saving of up to 50%.

Get out there

That’s it, you can get riding with peace-of-mind and a smile on your face. Login to your 24/7 cloud account to check details or let us know about your new kit.

Meet the team

Small enough to care, large enough to cope, able to chat about bikes all day… your Bikmo team are here to help you enjoy your cycling more, give you peace of mind, the best deals, and the kind of service you and your bikes deserve.

That’s when we’re not riding the Welsh hills, anyway.